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New 2017!
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Since 2011!

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This post is for followers and supporters of The Knotty Truth. 

Over the years you have been faithful and true and I appreciate you. One thing I like to do during the holidays is to wake up early, stretch and do some form of exercise that makes me feel flexible, warm and re-energized. I believe in enjoying holiday treats, but enjoy them more when I know I've put in work to offset those calories. And, it helps me to relax before the stress of the day begins. Maybe even take time to journal what you love to do and how you can transform that love into a business or ministry opportunity.

If your 2017 has been anything like mine, it's been stressful is an understatement! So, please enjoy your family and friends this holiday season and remember to take time out for yourself. Breath, relax, release. I look forward to doing more of what I love in 2018, I wish you the best as well.

To celebrate your support, I'm offering The Knotty Truth Lock Manual and The Knotty Truth Managing Ti…

Happy New Year! 2018 Let's Go!


We hope you have a fabulous New Year. 2017 was full of change, challenges, trials, tribulations, anxiety, upheavals and struggles. But we're still standing. Only one direction UP in 2018! Onward and many blessings to you and yours.

Until then, Keep it Knotty and thanks for stopping by and supporting The Knotty Truth throughout the many years! We continue to follow many ongoing court cases attacking knotty hair and fighting legislatively. If you are interested in joining the fight, leave us a message.

Keep It Knotty,
Michele George

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