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The Knotty Truth debuted in Tampa today!

I enjoy when I am able to talk 'shop' with other women about natural hair care. It's a topic that truly scratches the surface of connecting with another women. As women our hair is our crown and glory and we have spent hrs, trying to make it do what other's hair naturally does.

If our hair is straight, we want it curly. If our hair is curly we want it straight. If it's colored, we want it another color. If it's short, we want it long. Today, I had the privilege of hearing triumphant stories of women and men that are committed to keeping their own authentic truth. Hat's off! Look for more workshops coming with the Tampa library system! Don't forget to check out one of The Knotty Truth books at the library                           

​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or


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Locked and Professional: Artist/ Minister of Art

One of my favorite hair models: My Mom

My mom is a locker who started with fine hair. Define fine. Straight, slightly wavy with frizzy areas in patches. Her hair was hard to lock and I had to start her locks with a teased, backcomb motion and interlocking in a R4 pattern. This install has allowed her hair to lock without unraveling, giving her the freedom required to grow long locks without root.

Now, going on a decade of locks, my mom has faced similar challenges as a seasoned citizen with locks. And, the pros consistently out weight the disadvantages and she loves them! She's  a hair model, featured in The Knotty Truth Lock Manual. We started her locks with a hybrid combination , 9yrs later, in her 70's, she has long locks that compliment her lifestyle.

​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or

NYC Protects My Hair

I will expand this blogpost soon. For now, let's celebrate! A newly-updated law is believed to be the first in the country to legally prohibit covered employers, housing providers, and providers of public accommodations, as well as law enforcement from engaging in discrimination based on natural hair or hairstyles associated with race.

​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or

Knotty News: Navy expands hairstyle policy AGAIN! Now includes locks, braids and buns!

Did you catch the news today!? While states like Florida, Georgia and 'Bama are policing the bathrooms of people with curly hair, the military is loosening its' grooming restrictions. Now, that's progress!