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The Knotty Truth Book Discussion: DIY Dreadlock Care

Meet and Great Discussion with Author Michele George!

Create. Write. Create. Teach. Create....

How to be Knotty in the Age of Drumpf.

As those with tightly coiled hair are forced to confront an administration hostile to our existence,  I have put a lot of energy into surviving these days. To the naked eye, survival requires rest, sharp instincts, keen discernment and watchful prayer, leaving little time for extra-curricular activity. However, just under the surface, humans express external gifts of creativity as a means to escape. 

During slavery, slaves sewed quilts, created songs, sang in unison, created instruments out of inanimate objects. During Jim Crow and lynchings, freed slaves created the Lindy Hop, danced the Jitterbug, invented blood transfusions, the stop light, wrote poetry, books, drew pictures, created jazz painted colors on canvasses of hope.
This hope was a door to a beautiful space of place and time, free of persecution and terrorism from an economic society that depends upon the subjugation of the African American.
After a slow churning, creativity has reach…