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Locked And Professional

​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or

Locked and Professional: Artist/ Minister of Art

One of my favorite hair models: My Mom

My mom is a locker who started with fine hair. Define fine. Straight, slightly wavy with frizzy areas in patches. Her hair was hard to lock and I had to start her locks with a teased, backcomb motion and interlocking in a R4 pattern. This install has allowed her hair to lock without unraveling, giving her the freedom required to grow long locks without root.

Now, going on a decade of locks, my mom has faced similar challenges as a seasoned citizen with locks. And, the pros consistently out weight the disadvantages and she loves them! She's  a hair model, featured in The Knotty Truth Lock Manual. We started her locks with a hybrid combination , 9yrs later, in her 70's, she has long locks that compliment her lifestyle.

​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or

Meet Brooke: The Knotty Truth MOdel

The Knotty Truth has identified yet another case in discrimination against a child with locks. He wins! This is good news! It can be an uphill battle; however, please remember to be your true, authentic self.
Knotty Tip-During the cold, winter months, remember to wear a satin scarf under your hats to protect your locs!

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​The Knotty Truth Series of Books can be purchased online at various outlets including or
Have you ever found yourself in a custody battle with your ex? If you have, you may find yourself in a battle of the wills over personal grooming options like Halle Berry did. This story led to a hearty discussion on the courts, natural hair and custodial rights. As always, read, follow and empower yourself!

Makita shares her experience. She chose to install locks in her son's hair. He wanted them and she wanted them for him. However, she feared her ex's retaliation. Sho Makita was proactive and went to court in advance of the decision to protect her son's choice and they won! Here's how they did it.

Knotty News: Navy expands hairstyle policy AGAIN! Now includes locks, braids and buns!

Did you catch the news today!? While states like Florida, Georgia and 'Bama are policing the bathrooms of people with curly hair, the military is loosening its' grooming restrictions. Now, that's progress!

The Knotty Truth™: 2018 Consultative Service Launch

If you've never been to a Knotty Truth Seminar, or had a Knotty Truth Consultation, than you may not know what the difference is between KnottyLocks and all of the other different kind of lock installations. The key difference IS the consult, the install and the technique. Knottylocs are not braidlocks, they are not twists, they are not Sisterlocs, they are not coils, freeform, latch or any other. They are all. The technique used is a uniform install technique that complements You, is built around You and does not force your hair to conform to a restrictive system. You is at the center of The Knotty Truth™ system and does not work with out you. The Knotty Truth™Locs are customized locks installed for you, maintained with you and curated for you.

Let me explain.
To be totally transparent, the amount of attention and nurturing you get from a Knotty Install is the secret in the sauce. For years I have worked with clients. They come for various reasons, some because they have wanted l…

The Knotty Truth Launches in the Bay Area! Florida That Is

As a new resident to Florida, I went about the business of establishing my business here and closing my Ohio-based business. It's been a relatively easy process, surprisingly. Surprisingly, because Florida is extremely progressive in some instances and regressive in others. If you are contemplating a natural hair care business in Florida, here are some things to think about.

Florida is very friendly towards natural hair care. In Florida, to officially do hair, a 16 hour course requirement is the only 'barrier'. Personally, I consider this a booster towards entrepreneurship. In restrictive states like Ohio (yeh, I"m calling you OUT Ohio). A 760 hour (reduced to 400 last I checked) in hair extensions and braiding techniques is required to legally do natural hair. There's only one school in Columbus, OH that offers the program.

Because Florida is friendly towards natural hair care, the District 11 ruling stands on hostile territory. I have never in my life seen so ma…