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The Beginning of The End

There's been a lot of 'false' starts to ending this blog. The first round of this blog began in 2006, along with my first braidlock journey and it was the Locked - n - Loaded blog. There was another version: The Knotty Truth Blog and a few in between (as I deleted and archived old posts, sorry) to now the Professional & Locked Blog.

Since 2006 I've shared my hair experiences one way or another. I've also shared my evolution as an author of three natural hair care books under The Knotty Truth Series. Now it's time to come to an end, for real. The stats say there have been 12,913 views since 2006. I am humble and say thank you. As I look forward, I now must commit towards putting my energies forward and close out the blog.

If anyone is out there listening, watching, reading...

Keep it Knotty!