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MIssionAccomplished: Sisterlocks 4Years

Oh my ALL my years, I never missed a Lockaversary-but here I am-I forgot! I was rolling steady towards my birthday, then realized, if I'm hours away from my birthday, then I missed my Lockversary!!!! This post is dedicated to my 4 year journey with Sisterlocks the DIY way! For all those naysayers that said it could not be done DIY-been doing the dern thing strong since after install day/2013. These babies were Sisterlock - consultant installed over 2 days July 2013. They are standard sized and took about 22 hours to install. I was scared to death the first 2 months tightening myself because they were so very slippery but I did it! I used a plastic sewing needle but now stick with my 2.5 inch hairpin-my tool of preference.

Stick with the tool your hand is the most comfortable with! Period! Of course, make sure it fits the size of your locks etc...but go with common sense. If you can't position and hold the tool well, you cannot maintain your locks properly. …