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Professional & Locked: Legislation and Natural Hair In Ohio

Did ya know? In 2016, Iowa, Nebraska and Kentucky deregulated hair braiding, freeing braiders from burdensome cosmetology laws?

So, this happened, just as states like Florida, George and Alabama shut down access, making it legal to discriminate against folks with locks in their hair, Ohio loosens beauty restrictions. From a 1500 hour Cosmetology license to a 450 hour Natural Hair Care License, to now a 75 hour Boutique Certification in braiding, threading or shampooing ** services can be offered within a salon setting that is board approved. This is HUGE! Some argue it's not fair, others feel that this opportunity will open up natural hair services, increasing entrepreneurial opportunities; others are limited due to shampoo restrictions.

What do I feel? All is fair in love and war. I reflect on the days I would pop up to antagonize the OH State Cosmetology Board challenging their restrictive laws. I saw them pass fees over fees over fees against their own customer base to the point …

Locked & Professional & On Hiatus: Shhhhh Research In Progress

I think of you all often and have plenty, plenty, plenty to write about! Just know there are plenty of posts in draft mode waiting for me to hit the send button! We have some more Locked and Professional beauties in the hopper, we have some updates on 'hair news' and we have some legislative tid bits to share. When we return in the fall we look forward to updating you. For now, just know that we are going into the belly of the decision - US District Court 11 - To get first hand insight on the impact of this ruling! 
I promise, it will be worth the wait!  Until Next Time, Keep it Knotty!