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Professional & Locked: STOP Policing Our Hair

In January, a group of women in the Columbus, OH area came together to discuss the latest news regarding the policing of tightly coiled hair.


Professional & Locked: Melody Bogan, Healthcare Professional

So many times, virgins to the art of locking do NOT understand the versatility and range of lock installations that are installed. These installations can result in very earthy, freeform, organic and even professional looking locks. For those concerned about locs in the workplace, you will enjoy our featured models who share their professional, money earning lifestyles WITH locks. This series explores locks with Melody from Ohio - a state NOT impacted by the US District 11 ruling. If you agree that Mel is holding it down, classy and professional, please let her know and leave a comment!

Why did you decide to lock your hair? I've been wanting to lock my hair since 2005 and had a consultation with someone in East Columbus but got scared at the commitment to a 'permanent style'. After marriage and becoming pregnant back to back, my focus left myself and a simple wash and go was the preference. As the children got older, I remembered that I've some things I wanted for mysel…

Professional & Locked : Hot Topics Soon To Come!


There's a lot going on and I look forward to catching up with you in 2017! Off the top, I will delve into the following hot topics in 2017!

The military now allows women to wear locks that are uniform and at the shoulder!! Yes, you read correctly, the army has lifted the ban on dreadlocks READ MORE HERE and HERE.Shame on Them! Norwegian Cruise Lines reportedly denies employment to women with dreadlocks. READ MORE HERE!And, of course, I will keep you up to date on the latest from US District Court 11-which impacts Fl/GA/AL from first hand. I'm going in ya'll, employed and empowered and locked&loaded-more on my career move later! READ MORE HERE!We had the first forum Professional & Locked January in Columbus, OH! It was hot and I can't wait to share more!

That's enough for now. If there are employment issues that you know of disparately impacting employment opportunities for individuals with locks/dreadlocks-please let us know so we can investigate, share…