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Professional & Locked, Not Welcome at Norwegian Cruislelines

Norwegian will not get a dime of my money. #Resist
-More later

Professional & Locked in the Military? Yes! Finally!

January 2017 Professional & Locked : Jennifer Adams, Photographer, Business Owner, Entrepreneur,

So many times, virgins to the art of locking do NOT understand the versatility and range of lock installations that are installed. These installations can result in very earthy, freeform, organic and even professional looking locks. For those concerned about locs in the workplace, you will enjoy our featured models who share their professional, money earning lifestyles WITH locks. We share a Business Owners Perspective  from Ohio - a state NOT impacted by the US District 11 ruling. If you agree that Jennifer is holding it down, classy and professional, please let her know and leave a comment! 1) Why did you decide to lock your hair?
I, like many other little brown girls growing up in the 80's, 90's experienced every hair style trend known to date. I knew the pain of corn rows, the trauma of the hot comb, the stain of the cheri curl and devotion to the creamy crack. As, an adult I spent way too much time in salons where I continuously donated my time to a hair dryer. I later opt…