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Well, I've been writing about it all fall. Now it's time to talk about it, so we can be about it. Come out if you are local!

Halo-Therapy and Locs

I love to relax. For special days of the year, I am a seeker-a seeker of SPA services! Give me a nice hot stone massage, give me a steam room, give me a hot yoga class and a detoxing cleanse, give me...salt therapy?!

Maybe. The picture looks like a big ole' sauna, why not!?

My son's birthday was a big deal to me this year, he turned 20 years old. Twenty years ago I was a very different person. To celebrate this occasion I treated myself to salt therapy. The moment the technician explained it to me my anxiety kicked in. A stream of salt for 45 minutes will fill the room. My anxiety went from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds, my locks! I started asking the technician who knew nothing about 'my type of hair' if there were shower caps around, towels any type of head covering. No. She tried to assure me that it was a fine stream of salt invisible to the naked eye. That's worse! She tried to tactfully say there had been others 'like me' there. I exclaimed-with locks?! She …
I was the type of person willing to hide behind a marriage for the sake of being married. I pretended that my husband was home - he was not, i believe he had a different family. He came home to change his clothes maybe once every two weeks while I was at work, when he could avoid me. He avoided me, responsibilities, our marriage, church everything. As a solution to that problem, I decided a baby would unite us. The definition of naive- just look my name up, it's highlighted in Webster's Dictionary. Naive: Me. 
Once it was confirmed I was pregnant, he disappeared more, as if that were possible. Now, he claimed he needed to make money for the baby. He began 'traveling' with a moving company for weeks at a time and some how mysteriously keeping his full-time job. Then, eventually, he answered my question and told me he wanted to leave because he was unhappy. I laughed. I had no more emotions to give, he left me too many times. Now, I was preggers and showing and an emoti…