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Locked & Professional - December 2016: Shameka Dukes

So many times, virgins to the art of locking do NOT understand the versatility and range of lock installations that are installed. These installations can result in very earthy, freeform, organic and even professional looking locks. For those concerned about locs in the workplace, you will enjoy our featured models who share their professional, money earning lifestyles WITH locks. We begin this series with Shameka from Texas - a state NOT impacted by the US District 11 ruling. If you agree that Shameka is holding it down, classy and professional, please let her know and leave a comment!

Why did you decide to lock your hair? This is my 2nd set of locs, the first started with two-strand twists, small, but not tiny. This set was started with tiny braids, rather small.  decided to loc this time around because I wanted relief from the work and time that went into the care/styling of my loose natural hair. I needed a built-in style while still looking stylish!

What considerations did you have …

Locked & Professional: I Have a Job! Do My Locks Have to Go?

So, Now, what are you going to do?
US District Court 11 Says that employers in the states of George, Florida and Alabama can legally  not hire, and/or terminate an employee with locks if it is within that company's policy.
If you have found this blog and you have locks, you may be wondering if you should drastically change your hair style. Maybe you don't care and you are staying the course. Good! I am not recommending you follow this blog's advice, it may not work for you. You must do what is right for your situation. However, we will attempt to arm you with information that has been researched to make a sound decision for your life.

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