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Hope all is well out there 3+years Sisterlocked Summerlocks

I badly need to wash my hair. It's been 2 weeks, but it's poppin n locking' and I don't want to. I brush my scalp vigorously, then spritzes with rose water. Rosewater is pretty expensive so I try to cut it 1:1 with water. Recently, I started back spritzing with some rosemary n lavender for the scent and moisturizing benefits. I would not if I could hold onto the rosewater, but it's cutting into my budget too much. I hope to still see the benefits of moisturized locks without the greasy feel. I love it. I don't really use Aloe Vera juice anymore, it seemed to leave behind a sticky residue that I grew unfond of as I journeyed along this new journey. I do still condition with infused chamomile or rosemary teas ( no rinse out). And, I rinse OUT with Apple Cider Vinegar, religiously after each wash. I only use the cheapy version, no organic for this. I found the organic has too much particulate matter that…