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3 Years Sisterlocked

Four more years of locking, culminating with a three year anniversary
I first locked in 2006, making 2016 my tenth year of being locked via two separate journeys via Braidlocks(7) and Sisterlocks(3). They fit my individuality and season of life. When I was young, I was always that girl braiding and doing my neighbor's hair or dorm sister's hair, often for free because I enjoy hair.

 In the spirit of sharing, I thought I share my 3rd year milestone. My locs have creeped way past arm-pit length.

My regimen:
-Soak locs twice/month for 30 minutes in sink full of water, capful of shampoo, 1.5 cp ACV, 1 cp listerine, .5cp aloe vera juice and 8 drops of rosemary, massage scalp and brush locs with soft-bristle face brush
-Rinse with ACV rinse, Rinse with water
-Condition with infused chamomile, peppermint or detox tea
-Dry with cool setting blow dryer, enough to get the wet out. In the summer I let dry from there. In the winter, I dry a bit longer

Through the week:
-Condition frequent…