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Big Changes

July will mark 3 years with my  Sisterlocks. It's Anniversary time! It's a pretty big deal, considering I've been anxiously awaiting the milestone of maturity since install July 2012. I'm posting now, well, because I feel energized to do so with the official welcoming to summer kick-off.

Standard/Large in Back Sisterlocks300+ installed over 23 hours by Certified LockticianInstall over 2 days July 27/28th 2012Self Maintenance  
Journey Milestones:
Install was wonderful through month 1Year 1 sucked, big time. I did not enjoy the transformation process from baby locks through teenagerYear 2 it got better, but mehYear 3-loving it and like the outcome better than my BL
I Did It My Way: DIY all the way baby, well after the initial install that is. No one has been in my head (again) since initial install. I love being in control of my journey and my own outcomes. My locks may not look like perfect uniform ropes initially. However, as they mature they continue to develop uni…