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What Appellate Court District 11 Ruling Means for persons with Dreadlocks in the Workplace

Series I: What the Dreadlock Ban Means to You as a Working Person of Color in America

This section will host information about locked hair in the workplace. This issue is personal and I can't be silent. September, 2016 the 11th District Court Ruled 3-0 that an individual with dreadlocks has no protective rights. An employer can now choose to not hire me because of dreadlocks or fire me because of them. Please be aware that most of us live in an at will state, meaning if said person wears yellow on Tuesday and someone hates yellow on Tuesday, said person can be fired. READ MORE! CLICK HERE

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Knotty News: Navy expands hairstyle policy AGAIN! Now includes locks, braids and buns!

Did you catch the news today!? While states like Florida, Georgia and 'Bama are policing the bathrooms of people with curly hair, the military is loosening its' grooming restrictions. Now, that's progress!

The Knotty Truth Launches in the Bay Area! Florida That Is

As a new resident to Florida, I went about the business of establishing my business here and closing my Ohio-based business. It's been a relatively easy process, surprisingly. Surprisingly, because Florida is extremely progressive in some instances and regressive in others. If you are contemplating a natural hair care business in Florida, here are some things to think about.

Florida is very friendly towards natural hair care. In Florida, to officially do hair, a 16 hour course requirement is the only 'barrier'. Personally, I consider this a booster towards entrepreneurship. In restrictive states like Ohio (yeh, I"m calling you OUT Ohio). A 760 hour (reduced to 400 last I checked) in hair extensions and braiding techniques is required to legally do natural hair. There's only one school in Columbus, OH that offers the program.

Because Florida is friendly towards natural hair care, the District 11 ruling stands on hostile territory. I have never in my life seen so ma…

Getting' Messy with Policy and Hair: Follow Up on US District Court 11's Ban on Dreadlocks

Clouds were bearing down on the nation, as a season was coming to an end. After 2 seasons of togetherness, hope, possibility, a nation seemed to have enough peace and happiness. Now, the raging sea of evil rose higher and higher, set to swallow up the na├»ve and engulf the nation, vomiting up the bile of a hidden past, stained with the stench of misogyny, porn stars, treason, xenophobia and every other sordid evil this nation cloaked with a thin veil of gentility that was imploding. A man emboldened with desire to rule versus govern grabbed the helm of the most powerful position in the nation, inebriated with the drink of power and greed. He was devoid of a desire to honor and serve and girded with an iron fist to rule and conquer via a cloak of dishonor and disgrace, unleashing xenophobic fear as his power source. So, what does politics have to do with hair? Everything. As the curtain was closing on the age of hope, fall 2016, the District 11 court case seated a 2010 case against Catas…

The Knotty Truth Book Discussion: DIY Dreadlock Care

Meet and Great Discussion with Author Michele George!

More Info Here:

Create. Write. Create. Teach. Create....

How to be Knotty in the Age of Drumpf.

As those with tightly coiled hair are forced to confront an administration hostile to our existence,  I have put a lot of energy into surviving these days. To the naked eye, survival requires rest, sharp instincts, keen discernment and watchful prayer, leaving little time for extra-curricular activity. However, just under the surface, humans express external gifts of creativity as a means to escape. 

During slavery, slaves sewed quilts, created songs, sang in unison, created instruments out of inanimate objects. During Jim Crow and lynchings, freed slaves created the Lindy Hop, danced the Jitterbug, invented blood transfusions, the stop light, wrote poetry, books, drew pictures, created jazz painted colors on canvasses of hope.
This hope was a door to a beautiful space of place and time, free of persecution and terrorism from an economic society that depends upon the subjugation of the African American.
After a slow churning, creativity has reach…

Happy New Year! 2018 Let's Go!


We hope you have a fabulous New Year. 2017 was full of change, challenges, trials, tribulations, anxiety, upheavals and struggles. But we're still standing. Only one direction UP in 2018! Onward and many blessings to you and yours.

Until then, Keep it Knotty and thanks for stopping by and supporting The Knotty Truth throughout the many years! We continue to follow many ongoing court cases attacking knotty hair and fighting legislatively. If you are interested in joining the fight, leave us a message.

Keep It Knotty,
Michele George
This post is for followers and supporters of The Knotty Truth. 

Over the years you have been faithful and true and I appreciate you. One thing I like to do during the holidays is to wake up early, stretch and do some form of exercise that makes me feel flexible, warm and re-energized. I believe in enjoying holiday treats, but enjoy them more when I know I've put in work to offset those calories. And, it helps me to relax before the stress of the day begins. Maybe even take time to journal what you love to do and how you can transform that love into a business or ministry opportunity.

If your 2017 has been anything like mine, it's been stressful is an understatement! So, please enjoy your family and friends this holiday season and remember to take time out for yourself. Breath, relax, release. I look forward to doing more of what I love in 2018, I wish you the best as well.

To celebrate your support, I'm offering The Knotty Truth Lock Manual and The Knotty Truth Managing Ti…