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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Getting' Messy with Policy and Hair: Follow Up on US District Court 11's Ban on Dreadlocks

Clouds were bearing down on the nation, as a season was coming to an end. After 2 seasons of togetherness, hope, possibility, a nation seemed to have enough peace and happiness. Now, the raging sea of evil rose higher and higher, set to swallow up the naïve and engulf the nation, vomiting up the bile of a hidden past, stained with the stench of misogyny, porn stars, treason, xenophobia and every other sordid evil this nation cloaked with a thin veil of gentility that was imploding. A man emboldened with desire to rule versus govern grabbed the helm of the most powerful position in the nation, inebriated with the drink of power and greed. He was devoid of a desire to honor and serve and girded with an iron fist to rule and conquer via a cloak of dishonor and disgrace, unleashing xenophobic fear as his power source. So, what does politics have to do with hair? Everything.
As the curtain was closing on the age of hope, fall 2016, the District 11 court case seated a 2010 case against Catastrophe Management Systems (CMS) alleging that Chastity Jons, a black woman , suffered racial discrimintation with CMS rescinded her job offer because jones would not cute off her dreadlocks. MORE HERE MORE HERE